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How do you store your score keys for AO/CLE/ACE?

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We have a large family so these are going to add up quickly.  I am trying to figure out the best way to store them.  We will most likely buy the paces one at a time per subject and throw all but the front cover (or other special pages) away when done, but I am not sure what to do with all the score keys.  


Also, I am thinking about what to put their current paces in.  Right now I am thinking a file jacket.  I will probably put their tests in a binder.  I might store the test keys with the score keys or make a separate binder.  The reason I am leaning against a binder for their paces is the annoyance of opening the ring so many times.  I thought about a storage clipboard, but I don't know that it would hold all of their paces plus score keys and the opening and closing of that might be annoying too, plus there would be several of them stacked up since we have so many kids.  8 file jackets in a filebox seems smarter to me for their current paces.  That way each morning I can just pull out each child's file jacket from the filebox and hand it to them.  They can pull them all out into a stack on top of the file jacket and file them as they go.  They are cheap and easy to replace and I can probably color code them.  


Any thoughts?



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I also thought about those 8 pocket portfolios, but I'm not sure they are thick enough to hold the pace and the key in one pocket.  I saw one at Walmart that had an elastic band to hold it together that I thought was cool.


I also need to have a spot for their goal card and that other chart that you put stars on.  We haven't started the record keeping part yet but I want to soon.


And a place to put their composition book would be great because I hate loose paper.  

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