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I called my stepmom!


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For those following my little drama, my dad passed last June. I have been in only sporadic contact with my stepmom since then - not because I don't like her, quite the opposite, but because it's so danged hard to call and know my dad won't answer. And then have to talk about stuff, which I don't do well. The whole thing is a big, emotional mess. The last time I called was Christmas and I haven't gotten up the courage to face the emotions since. 


I called her last night! It was great! We cried! 


I feel so much better now. 



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I'm glad you did that.  MIL remarried and was an amazing grandma to both her own and her new husband's grandkids. Very close with them all.  When her husband died, his side of the family had such a hard time with it, because of the reasons you are describing, they basically abandoned her.  


They wouldn't come to the house any more, at all, because it was too painful.  They didn't call often, because the didn't want to be reminded. So, MIL lost not only her husband, but also an extended family that she had basically adopted as her own.  It has been very hard on her.


You did the right thing.

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