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Science for 8th Grade

Ewe Mama

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I'm trying to come up with a short list of science programs from which Joy can select her favorite option. We are looking for something meaty, with a good balance of hands-on experiments and writing activities. She prefers something written to the student, with limited parental help needed. Christian-friendly is preferred, but secular is fine as long as it is respectful of various beliefs. We don't have a set topic in mind and are simply trying to find a publisher/program that will meet the above criteria.


She will be starting Geometry soon, so she is above grade level in math.


Thanks for your help!

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The Rainbow perhaps? We looked closely at it last fall (DS/7th), but DS decided it had too much physics and what he really wanted was a lot of chemistry.


Science Shepherd is another one. They only offer life science for middle school levels.


For 8th DS wants high school level biology. We ended up choosing Biology: Exploring Life by Campbell. It's a secular textbook written for public schools.

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