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Seeking curriculum ideas ~ would love your input


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Hello all,


I have a DS 10 and DD 6 and I am seeking for curriculum ideas for them.

DS10 is currently doing AOPS Intro to Algebra (completed AOPS PreAlgebra) and doing Plato Science for Middle School and a mixed bag for the other subjects. We have some ideas but may be missing out on some other options due to ignorance. :-) I am open for any ideas you may have for accelerated options )including online ones that you may have found to be excellent) that you may currently be using with your precious ones around this age range.


Thanks in advance

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To be honest, I don't use a lot of curriculum geared to gifted children.  We accelerate where needed, enrich the rest, and give time for them to explore areas of interest.  It took me years to feel comfortable with this approach, so please don't think I'm being flippant.


Math -- I use the best approach I can for their age/drive/interest.  My 7yo uses Abeka/Math Mammoth and will do Fred over the summer.  My 9yo uses Math Mammoth and Fred.  My 12yo uses Chalkdust, Fred and AoPS, My 14yo uses AoPS almost exclusively.  My 16yo uses Chalkdust, Fred and AoPS. The younger children all began with Abeka (one also used Singapore), which for me was very easy to accelerate.  Beast Academy wasn't around for my oldest three, and money has been an issue for my younger two.


Science -- I've used Real Science for Kids and Apologia for the most part at the younger ages.  We've added other DVDs, books, nature hikes, kitchen table science, and other things into the mix.  My oldest three have all been ready for high school level science in middle school.  My oldest two have been ready for AP-level science by 8th or 9th grade.  I enriched this subject at the younger ages, but I didn't necessarily accelerate.  I did not use any materials geared towards gifted children, although I do remember looking at them.  


English -- I've used FLL for my younger kids, then moved to Abeka/MCT, WWE/WWS and Killgallon for Composition.  Literature studies are usually historically/classics based with other choices made by my kids throughout.  Reading is mostly on-level, with some easier, and some more difficult.  Output for literature is based upon individual development, which is about typical for their age (narrations, comprehension questions, what did you think about questions for youngers...olders may be discussion, digging deeper, essays, and sometimes...nothing)


History -- We have mostly used VP and SOTW in the younger grades, again enriching with books, projects (student-led), videos, field trips.  I used The Human Odyssey for our Middle School Spine, and then enriched that with lectures, movies, books, etc.  We're using college texts in high school, again with lectures/movies/lit from the period, primary source documents, things like that.


Foreign Language -- never used anything directed toward gifted students.  We've either gone at a standard or accelerated pace depending upon the student and/or goals.


Electives -- some electives are about checking off boxes (Health, Keyboarding...) At the younger ages, this was simply free time.  Unstructured play, outdoors, indoors, imaginative, reading, doing things that they wanted to do...hours of LEGO, hours of drawing, pouring over anatomy books, extra math, baking/cake decorating, trampoline jumping, swimming...providing opportunities to explore should not be underestimated as a means of learning and growing.


My 6th grader was just invited to take an animation course at the high school next year, because the instructor he's had for a Boy Scout Merit Badge has been so impressed with his work.  FTR, prior to the Merit Badge, he's never done any programming or animation work on the computer.  He just took to it and was off.  He is so far ahead of the rest of the students in this class, it's just a bit mind-blowing (even for me, despite him being my 3rd child...). 

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