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Last writing work for an 8th grader before high school? (Xpost)

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For a kid who expresses herself well in writing and can write a fairly reasonable five paragraph essay.


We are finishing up Killgallon, and she'll have about 10 weeks or so left to the school year to use for another type of writing study/practice.


She is undecided about high school. 


I was thinking she might benefit from practice writing summaries. Though we've done some basic outlining this year, she hasn't really written many summaries. My oldest dd has needed to write a lot of summaries in college so I know it's important. At the same time she was able to do it without a lot of formal work on "how to write a summary" beforehand, and I tend to think that this dd could do it, too, if she had to...even if it would stress her out more than if we practiced it some at home first. I've been thinking of using WWS1 if we decide to go this route.


However, I have a Seton composition book that covers paragraphs and different types of essays well, including topic sentences, good supporting sentences, etc. I could cover the section she would need in eight weeks.


If you had a nice chunk of the school year left to prep a kid for high school writing what would you do? Would you use one of the resources I mentioned or something else?

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