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Supplement for Math in Focus 1st grade


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Hi, I after school my 7-year-old son who has autism.


He is doing Math in Focus at school.


I believe he is pretty solid on a pre-school level. He does well with numbers 1-10. He is in 1st grade, but I am not sure he is really solid on K math. He has done a lot with numbers 1-10 and he is good at recognizing quantities for 1-10, and knowing what is more and less with 1-10, and really everything I know of for 1-10.


He needs work with bigger numbers and subtraction. Also with addition.


I would like to supplement using manipulative and something that gives me a little structure.


Though I foresee us making numbers with manipulatives, and using manipulatives to add and subtract.


I think he is weak in place value also and understanding numbers are grouped by 10.


The only math manipulative I am really familiar with is unifix cubes, so I would like to do this with unifix cubes (which I know how to do in a general way).


At school it seems he does a lot with tally marks and with 10 frames and number bonds. So I do want to go along with that.


I think there are good things happening at school, but that he needs a lot more practice to get comfortable.


I appreciate any advice, thank you.

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