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Anyone familar with Superkids Reading Program?

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It looks like the financial aid for the private school we love will work out after all.  Hooray!  DS will start Kindergarten there next year.  One of the first questions I asked all the schools we toured was how they taught reading.  This private school uses Superkids.  From what I can tell, they use mainly phonics to teach.  I read a few reviews of the program by public school teachers and most said it didn't teach enough sight words which is a plus in my view.


Has anyone used it?  Pros?  Cons?  He is sounding out CVC words now, I have AAR Level 1 to use with him, maybe we can use it some this summer.  

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I'm not familiar with it. But I've seen it mentioned before.


DD will attend a classics school for K that teaches phonics using Riggs. They don't use sight words at all.


Perhaps you can sit in on a class? Then you could see how it's utilized. I've been able to do that with DDs future



I would go ahead and start AAR. I am doing ordinary parents guide to teaching reading with DD and most likely she will be done with the program by K. I think that even if your dd is reading well by K, then extra phonics will just solidify her skills and spelling.

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My two children used the program when they attended Catholic school last year.  It was heavily phonics based, and they both really enjoyed it.  There is an online component where parents can track what their child is learning and do spin-off exercises at home.  What is interesting about it, is that the story characters upon which the program is based track through from year to year.  So they'll still be talking about Golly in Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade.  We were generally pleased with it.

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