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Whole 30: February 29 - March 6


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I am!  I think I'm on Day 58.  Not much new to report.  I had one cheat meal - I had to go to a formal dinner with my husband.  I drank vodka with club soda instead of my usual beer.   I ate the salad, but it had candied walnuts and feta (and dressing).  I ate chicken and beef but it had a sauce on it.  I had one bite of caramel cheesecake instead of the whole thing.


Still plugging along and making kalua pork (I figured out that I wasn't using enough salt - now I get what all the fuss is about) and the buffalo chicken spaghetti squash.  I start exercising today.  This is what I said Feb. 1 too.


My weight loss has slowed down compared to the first 30 days.  But yesterday 5 different people asked if I had lost weight. 

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I am continuing Whole 30 + peas + stevia (in protein shake) for a 3rd month. Still no weight loss (grr!), but it has helped my energy enough that I was able to exercise 6 days in January and 24 in February. (I hadn't felt up to it at all in November and December.) 


I am bored of eating almonds.

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