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What would you put in a care package for a single mother going through breast cancer and her two boys? They are 9 and 11. We've got meals and childcare covered during chemo treatments and when she is tired in general.


Just want something for her, for her boys, for them to enjoy together? 



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Yeah, I would put things for mamma and the boys. This is a different scenario, but my friends and I put together a basket for a friend whose dd was in a serious accident. These were some things in there: a good book, those scented anti-bacterial things like from Bath & Body, chocolates, gas cards, gift cards for quicky food places like Subway, fuzzy socks, a movie.


I would stay away from anything pink or breast-cancer-ribbon themed; my SIL who went through breast cancer doesn't think much of those. Basically, better not to focus on the disease.

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SO thoughtful of you to be helping at this time! :)


For a dear friend of DSs who went thru chemo at age 19 -- he loved the super-soft loose-fitting pajama pants and t-shirt that we got him; he said he would live in those for the first day or two when he felt so ach-y and icky. A super-soft blanket and soft fuzzy socks would also feel nice for her.


Mom would probably also really appreciate a house cleaner to come in once every 2 weeks -- she is just not going to feel up for cleaning bathrooms and kitchen, and will be lucky to feel like she can run the vacuum once in awhile.


For a pleasant distraction just for mom -- how about some light/fluff movies that she would enjoy? I love my Jane Austen flicks as "comfort food for films", but what would she like? :) Maybe an audio book or two of something funny and light that she would enjoy, and wouldn't have to hold the book, but could just lay and listen.


For both mom and DSs, what about some goofy/funny/light DVDs and comic-collection books -- fun stuff, not needing much brain power to get their minds off of the downer of chemo -- maybe a TV series they can "binge watch" on chemo recovery days, like the old Get Smart series, or Star Trek the Next Generation, or Warner Brother cartoon sets, or the original Muppet Show seasons… And a box of microwave popcorn packets for the boys to make and eat. For comic collections, how about Calvin and Hobbes or the Far Side?


Boys of that age would enjoy lego sets that they can build and spend hours on to let mom sleep/rest while they are occupied.


Also, what about a weekly treat for the boys -- different families take the DSs for an evening of movie and popcorn, or a hike, or time at the part for soccer, frisbee, bike riding, flying kites, and running around with their friends, or hanging out for an afternoon and making ice cream or forts or other boy stuff. ;) Make sure someone hosts them a little birthday party, if they will be having a birthday during this time -- it doesn't have to be a big/expensive deal -- just enough to celebrate and be remembered. :)

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