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Creation Museum

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We went with a 7, 6, 3 and infant and we all enjoyed ourselves. There were shows that they could watch, they enjoyed looking in the museum, but didn't necessarily want to stop and read much so if you are one who enjoys this, it may not work out. They loved the gardens and petting zoo and taking a ride on the camel. For us it was a nice relaxing two day visit. DH and I enjoyed it quite a bit. If I remember correctly there are discount tickets at local hotels and I believe maybe for homeschoolers as well. Look on their website for discounts. Hsdla members get a discount I think.

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Ooo, we liked Louisville when we visited!  Good food, great parks...  Yes, the Creation Museum is terrific and worth the drive.  At that point you're 15-20 minutes from the Newport Aquarium.  If you decide to spend the night, you could go do the Aquarium, the Freedom Center, etc. the next day.  Eat lunch on the river at the Montgomery Inn.  Yum!  At the Creation Museum, you'll just eat lunch there.  They have an adorable cafeteria.  

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