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Headache advice

Shawn On the Border

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Ds20 has been having headaches, sometimes severe, over the last couple of weeks. The first one was on February 13, with pain behind the eyes. It's not a throbbing pain, and it is behind both eyes. The first headache, he had nausea and vomited, but he hasn't had that since. In the last week, he has had a less severe headache every day, in the middle of the day.


He is under a lot of stress. He's on his own (his choice), living with his girlfriend and roommates, working and going to the university. He plans on getting married (big wedding) in October.


He had mono in August. Do you think this could be related? He had swollen lymph nodes on his neck with the mono, and one of them is swollen again.


He's going to make an appointment with a doctor today. We are trying to find him a good primary care doctor. Any advice on what he should have checked?



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Could be sinus headaches, the doctor should be able to dx this if it is the problem.  He could have a sinus infection that is causing sinus pressure and headache and that would also account for the swollen lymph node.  If he has drainage down his throat, it can cause nausea or just the headache itself can cause the nausea. 


He may also want to get his neck adjusted at a reputable chiropractor.  He may be out of alignment a bit.  


A massage may help too. Sitting for hours at desks, pouring over books or sleeping in odd places can make the muscles sore and once that happens it can be a trickle affect up the neck to headaches. 





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It does sound like it could be migraines. Is it possible to have migraine pain behind both eyes? He also has a tingling sensation on the bridge of his nose. Is that common in migraines? Is it unusual to have a migraine every day, on and off?


Tap- it could be his sinuses. He doesn't seem very congested, but I'm sure the doctor will check it out. I doubt it's from studying. He should be doing more of that!

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