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Putting together an 8th grade LA/grammar course

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So initially I was going to  outsource Grammar to WTMA for DS 12 8th next year. But I've noticed he doesn't do great with online classes. I'm very comfortable teaching the lit/discussion part. Its the grammar, writing that I feel I fall short on in terms of getting the variety of writings done.


I have Grammar Town, Paragraph Town.  (He did upto FLL 4 in 5th grade)


This year oldest one in 10th is doing the Holt Grammar online with WTMA so I could technically use tha took also. But I want to make sure the writing is kept strong. Suggestions



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I should add he's a reluctant writer, although very capable. He's done well in 6th grade Hons LA in the public school and this year taking LL7/LL8 with Online G3. I just want something that enforces the grammar and has a reasonable amount of consistent writing (i.e. 5 pargraph to research paper, to poetry). 



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We are doing Analytical Grammar, WWS and outsourcing literature next year for 8. The literature class has a fair amount of writing and he writes in his science and history curriculum also. I've tried many writing curriculum. WWS definitely works the best for my guy. We work at a slower pace than it is written. I find AG very easy to use and he has great retention. Again we work slower than it is written.

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