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Benzodiazapine Dependence


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Honestly, I wouldn't interfere with her ability to get it legally. If she is addicted, the last thing you want is her losing her legal source(s), because then she'll likely seek it illegally . . . and accept alternative highs when she can't afford or locate her preferred drug. This is exactly how WV (my state) moved from a prescription drug epidemic to a heroin epidemic .  . The regulators got proactive about shutting down the prescription sources, and then addicts switched to heroin. Great. Just great. The heroin is much worse . . .



I'd focus on getting her into rehab and supporting that however you can. 


I'd also focus on keeping her as safe as feasible . . . making sure she has lots of condoms available should she end up prostituting herself . . . making sure she has long term reversible birth control (i.e., norplant or IUD) . . . helping support any healthy relationships or activities she has in her life. Providing access to public transportation (i.e., buying a bus pass or similar) to discourage driving or accepting rides from creepsters . . .


Perhaps seek al-anon or individual counseling for yourself and/or your other family members who are impacted.


This is the time to educate yourself on drug addiction and how to help . . . 


(((hugs))) I'm very sorry this is happening in your family. 







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I would try to get her to go to a naturopathic doctor to look for other ways of treating the anxiety.  Magnesium is one thing really good for anxiety but I would not want to supplement without a doctor overseeing it because of the risk of interaction with her meds etc.  It seems to me that as long as she has the anxiety, she's going to continue this cycle and allopathic doctors only know how to treat it with these same meds (for the most part) and so aren't equipped to help her break it. 

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Thank you. We are going to try to get her into a detox if we can afford it.



Please know that benzo dependence is often aggressive, and that withdrawal symptoms can return after an initial detox in a cyclic fashion for a long time. This often discourages family and the sufferer. I don't want to be discouraging, but to give you information.


Make sure that you utilize all the resources the detox offers, and have in place a very structured plan of recovery after the detox period.

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