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Who's going to tackle Monday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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Happy Sunday!  I almost feel like I have it together over here.  Ha!


We went to Sunday School and church after not attending for over 2 months. I think people assumed we had found another church.  :p


Then my kids walked to the park with my sister and her dog, while I got some work done. 


Then the girls enjoyed their Sunday Fun Day quota of 2 movies and some play while I got some more work done.


Now they are enjoying a jacuzzi bath while I am supposedly getting some more work done.


Next I will read some Anne of Green Gables and tuck them into bed, and go do some more work.  :)


Now this is how a Sunday Fun Day should go.  Not spending the whole day letting the TV suck their brains out, and not having Mom order them around all day either.


I have a work deadline tomorrow, so I have a lot I want to finish today, but I am on a pretty good roll so far.


My house is a mess though.  I didn't do any housework at all.  I figure it will still be there tomorrow and I can do it then.

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Um, Sunday? 


Plan week's menu

Write grocery list

Grocery shopping

Hair Cut



15 min de-cluttering living room


All I got done was laundry and dishes and then we went for a Sunday birding adventure. However, I still feel like I'm ahead because I got two things checked off of Monday's list. I could get used to this time warp thing. Then I would never be behind...  :laugh:

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