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Need US History Book Suggestions


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This is for a bright, sensitive 11 year old.  


I need suggestions for the Women's Suffrage Movement, 1950s McCarthyism, as well as the end of the Cold War (late 80s?) and the Middle East Conflicts.


It is so weird to think about the 1980s being an historical era.


FWIW this is what I have so far.  It's way too long, and so books will need to be trimmed off the list :(  but I'm still in the brainstorming stage.  


1.Pedro’s Journal

2.The Cabin Faced West

3.The Witch of Blackbird Pond

4.The Revolutionary War: An Interactive History Adventure

5.Western Expansion: An Interactive History Adventure

6.The Story of Harriet Tubman: Conductor of the Underground Railroad

7.The Underground Railroad (You Choose: History)

8.Bound for Oregon

9.The Civil War: An Interactive History Adventure

10.Caddie Woodlawn

11.Helen Keller


13. World War I (You Choose: History)

14.  Hero Over Here

15.A Letter to Mrs. Roosevelt

16.World War II (You Choose: History)

17.Number the Stars

18.  Glory Be

19.The Other Side of the Wall

20.The Wednesday Wars

21.Vietnam War (You Choose: History)

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Also... I can't remember the name of the person or his book, but the author was a Native American boy who (I think) was forced to go to boarding school and went on to write about his experiences and (I think) advocate for Native Americans in D.C.  Does this ring a bell?


ETA: Found it :) Charles Eastman, "Indian Boyhood"

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Is anyone familiar with the "Sisters in Time" books?  They look similar to American Girl books.  


So, basically the goal is to teach history in a way that 11 yo DD learns.  This child has a particular talent for never remembering anything she reads in a textbook or workbook (excepton: Mr. Q's life science, but the style is very engaging and funny).  


She's a good reader, and is on board with the following plan: a sweeping overview of the American story using historical fiction, biographies, and a few non-fiction works (e.g. the choose your history adventure books, as well as some others).  If I can find some good movies that fit our goals and are interesting to her, we'll work them in.



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