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Make ahead scrambled eggs


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How many days would scrambled eggs keep in the fridge and still taste good? I tupically make eggs at night for dh to grab as breakfast but for 2-3 days next week I will not be able to use my stove. Can I make 3 days worth of eggs and have them still taste good on the 3rd day?


Details in case it makes a difference:

Eggs are farm fresh 1 week old

Scramble is eggs, mix of goat, ricotta, and cheddar cheeses, and sauted spinach.

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How will you be heating them up, microwave?


I used to make English muffin egg sandwiches up ahead and freeze them.  I would use scrambled eggs and cook them until they barely set.  That way, when they were nuked, they wouldn't be overcooked.


May sound weird, but you can also add some mayonnaise to the eggs as well.


You can also scramble eggs directly in the microwave.   It works wonderful for poaching eggs, as well.


If you're not going to be able to reheat, then I'd just do hard boiled eggs.



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