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Physics SAT2 prep help

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For those whose students had taken the physics SAT exam- will doing just the mechanics part of AP physics C prepare a student well for taking the SAT2? Thanks

No.  AP Physics C Mechanics will not prepare the student for the Physics SAT II as there are also electricity and magnetism concepts tested as well.  


Fwiw, the free Sparknotes online program and Barrons were great prep in my house.


Also, no formulas are given on the SAT II and a calculator is not permitted.

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My daughter took both Physics C mechanics and E&M courses, and she still had to do some extra prep before the SAT 2 exam.


She used selected chapters from Giancoli's algebra based text, Barron's review guide, & the released exam in the official CB SAT 2 book. The extra topics she studied included waves, optics, modern physics/relativity, and nuclear physics.


The SAT 2 Physics actually correlated quite nicely with the old AP Physics B class.

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Thanks again. The changes are making it a bit hard to schedule. I will have a young student taking the ap physics C concurrently with Aops calculus so I am trying to see if we can also get the SAT2 out of the way.


I guess we will have to leave it till she is done with E&M. Then do the prep.

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