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The Story of Western Science ..

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Could I use this book as a spine for my dd next year in 9th grade or is my dd too young for it? Is it meant for a high school course, or a book for the parent? Does it or will it someday come with a teacher guide ? ( hint hint) 


Also, is this secular, Christian, neutral? How does it approach the big bang and evolution? As truth, or a theory or...


Just curious, as I will be using the Ancient History book for History, it would be awesome to use the science book as well. 


I'm not wanting to start a conflict on what is right or not. Just curious about some facts on this book. It really looks awesome and I would love it to work for us. 

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It's a great book. You could use it as a spine for a 9th grader, although they might not be up to reading all the primary sources. But as a general overview of the major branches of science and their historical development, it is really wonderful.


It's not written from a Christian POV, or a non-Christian POV.  It's written from the POV of a historian, who describes the development of theories and ideas about various scientific topics.  In that sense, it is secular, as in non-religous.  I wouldn't call it "neutral" because I think that often implies not stating things that might be controversial.  It doesn't shy away from anything.


Evolution, the big bang, etc. are all presented as scientific theories.  In science, findings generally aren't presented as Truth, and theory means something different than it means in everyday vernacular.  This book approaches these topics scientifically, tracing how ideas have changed as new instruments became available and new discoveries were made.


It is not written to support or refute any particular world view, it is written to explain the development of scientific ideas, discoveries, and theories.



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