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Math summer camp stumper

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DS is eyeing a selective math summer camp experience this summer.


Who should he ask for a recommendation if ALL of his most recent math instructors are either different people over short term periods (e.g. he has had 4 different instructors for the past 3 semesters), or fully online with different moderators/ instructors (AoPS forums, AoPS summer seminar, AoPS CrowdMath)?


I know, I know. We should have planned this more carefully. But at the time I didn't think he would want to attend a go-away camp so soon plus we had lots of scheduling challenges due to his and my schedule.


He has already asked the camp organizers. They basically told him to choose. We are leaning towards AoPS. Thoughts?

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I'd choose whomever can speak to both his math abilities *and* his love for math. They're looking for not only high ability kids, but also kids who really want to be there & immerse themselves in all the classes & activities. So I'd try to get a teacher who can speak to that side of him, too. When dd first applied (MathPath) she used her recent AoPS instructor, with whom she'd also interacted on the AoPS boards and blogs.


And good luck!!

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