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Artist / Picture Study - Ancient History

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Have you seen Simply Charlotte Mason's The Stuff They Left Behind?  Your DC study pictures of artifacts from ancient Egypt, Greece, or Rome (depending on the set).  I plan on using these resources on our next time through ancients, but we skipped them the first time around.  While it's not the typical "study an artist for 6-8 weeks" artist study, CM did have students sketch artifacts for their Book of Centuries pages, so I think this is close to what she would have done.


Harmony Fine Arts Grade 5 also covers ancient art, alongside learning instruments of the orchestra.   I'm not sure what ages your DC are, but HFA's logic stage programs can be using with a wide variety of ages.  My DC are 6-13, and all are enjoying the Grade 6 program.  I'll probably combine both arts programs on our next trip through ancient history.

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Looking deeper into how the topics are arranged, I really like the way that Artistic Pursuits approaches ancient art at this level. I think we may split the book into K & 1st grade, using half of the text for each so we have time to go deeper.


The first half of the book 1 introduces the elements of art (line, shape, form, color). I'll probably add free ArtTango lessons to expand this part.


The second half introduces art by where it is found - not geographically, but in a person's life (in caves, on pottery, in clothing / tapestry, on walls, in architecture, in books). It is important to me that Eastern history & art be included in DS' studies - this method would make it easy to tie in Chinese cave art, Japanese pottery, etc.

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