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Another Horizons math question

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I'm looking ahead to plot our course for Algebra being fairly certain that we will want to use something other than Horizons once we get there. My tentative plan is to use Horizons 6, jump to Horizons pre-algebra and then proceed with Lial's Introductory Algebra.


I recently read several threads that advised not skipping levels in Horizons, but I don't see anything that addresses skipping the grade 7 book and going straight to their pre-algebra book. Has anyone done this successfully? What are the pros and cons?


If not Horizons is there another 7th grade pre-algebra text that you would be a good fit for a student who has gone through Horizons 6 and will use Lial's Introductory Algebra for grade 8.


I found a cheap set of Lial's so that I can start reviewing it. I live overseas so finding out that something is not a good fit during our school year can really throw us for a loop since it would take some time to replace something that's not working. 






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