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Who's going to tackle Wednesday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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Working late tonight.  Not sure how late.


I just remembered that my kid doesn't have any clean clothes to wear to school on Wednesday.  Well, I did buy her a new jumper, but she was like "eew" because it is kinda big.  :/  I should probably throw a load in when I go down for some more coffee.  I should probably get the kids' lunches together, too, so I'll have one less thing to fuss about in the morning.


Wednesday is garbage day, the day I like to purge stuff and feel less gross.  I need to clean out the birds' cage among other things.


Would love to make a big ambitious list, but I think I will mainly be buried in work all day.

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Woke up at 4:30!


Already wrote long email dealing with Latin student

Promised to help college son who hates writing with his essay before he goes to work

breakfast school with high schoolers

Latin with them as well

While they do math independently, shower

Prep for Latin classes tomorrow

17 yo to math tutor

14 yo to voice lesson

17 yo to bass lesson

Not quite sure what to have for dinner

Grade quizzes

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Good morning

- dd1 and I up and ready for school- done

- dd1 on bus- done

- school- done

- vacuum car- done and filled it up

- dd1 off bus- done

- tidy house- dishwasher going, washer going

- pack suitcases and backpacks

- pack what I can into the car

- dinner- decided

- baths

- bedtime routine

- track weather and make sure dfil plows us out in the morning before we leave (my car hates snow)

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Good morning, all!

Warm and pouring rain here. The gray skies and mud are beginning to wear me down! 


Make sure Dd does her laundry

School  (short day - 3Rs and piano)

Pick up milk and bagels.

Drop off chx pot pie at my mom's.


Take Dd to dance.


Get a card and small gift for Dh's aunt.

Church for choir, dinner and classes.

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Strange weather we're having here.  Rain in February.  Not loving it.


I worked until about 5:30am and then went to bed.  I couldn't get up again - sounds like that nursery rhyme.  :P  I decided to drive the kids to school rather than leap out of bed at 7am.  They ended up being a few minutes late.  Then I took out the garbage in the rain.  Not a super auspicious start today.  :P


I would love to go back to bed, but I have too many things to do.  I am so stressed out about the call I have at 1:30.  I wish I had a job where I never ever had to talk to clients.  :/

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Wednesday!  We had a rough start to the morning with our printer not working.  It worked just fine last night.  Why didn't we get all printing done before bed??  I spent about an hour trying to convince the printer that the new ink cartridges were fine.  I lost the battle and am planning to just buy a new printer today.  It is at least 6 years old and has served us well, but has been having problems the last few months... grrrrr....


To do:

tidy up

find leadership lesson for meeting

meeting at 10am

dentist at 12:00pm

Costco after dentist for printer and a few groceries

stop at Wendy's for free frosty for kids

violin lessons x4

deliver thank you's for yesterday's activity

no scouts tonight!  Yay!

take ds to get a hair cut

think about ways to make tomorrow morning easier - this morning was a doozy, and I don't want a repeat 

ie - pre-pack lunches

 - set out breakfast things

 - tidy up

 - make sure keys are where they belong

 - encourage kids to shower before bed

 - go to bed early!


dinner - broccoli beef stir fry

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Good morning! We made an offer on another house yesterday, so I guess we should find out sometime today. Kids are tired today and dd1 has a doozy of a cold. Of course, that did not stop her from going to 5:30 am practice and her study session for her Japanese test today. We have State this weekend, so I have some planning/grocery stuff to do.


To do:

School for all

Order printer ink

Bills/household administration

Sports administration

Jen things


Kitchen clean up/ general pickup

PM practice/ aikido

Bank/pet store


Pizza night! Have a great day!

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After many days of feeling ill and then feeling OK for part of the day but awful the rest I think I've finally kicked this bug! So far the kids and I have cleaned my room, had a dance party, pet sat, done dishes, and they are currently painting dd's dollhouse. Still to do...


- finish school

- laundry

- clean kids room

- make list of goals for the new kung fu quarter

- exercise DVD

- read for an hour

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Phew, my 1:30 call has been rescheduled by the client.  I am mostly done with what I was supposed to prepare for the call, but it will be better to have a little more time to be careful about it.


If I'd known this call would be postponed, I would have snuck a nap.  Oh well.  Too late now.

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Good Afternoon...


It's been pouring for the last hour here...under a tornado watch and pray we don't see any bad weather.


House cleaning done

Laundry done

exercise done

dinner is cooked early and now I just have to chill out the rest of the evening


Have a great evening!


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