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Any good resources for Minoans & Myceneans?


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topics you might want to try and hit:

- ancient Crete

- the palace at Knossos

- myth of Theseus and the Minotaur (and Daedelus & Icarus -- Daedelus designed the maze for the Minotaur)

- bull jumping

- Minoan pottery

- unique clothing style of Minoan women

- explosive/destructive volcanic eruption of Crete



Mr Donn website: Minoans; Mycenaeans

Kids Past website: Minoans; Mycenaeans

Student Handouts website: Ancient Crete and Minoan Civilization -- free printable outline (topics for suggested research)

Ancient Greece website: Minnoan culture

Social Studies for Kids website: History of Crete (Minoans)

Traveling Classroom website: Bull Leaping -- Minoan sport

History 4 Kids website: Early People of Greece and Mycenaeans

Kids Net: longer articles with links at end: Minoans; Mycenae

YouTube: 23-minute documentary: The Ancient Minoans Aegean Empire

YouTube: 8-minute documentary: Minoans

YouTube: 5-minute documentary: National Geographic "Mystery of the Minoans"

Adventures in Mommydom: hands on Minoan Lessons (for elementary ages)

Angelic Scalliwags blog: lap book of Ancient Greece (includes ancient Minoans)


video: Ancient Civilizations for Children: Ancient Aegean (Schlessinger Media) = video; 2 page study guide/questions


book: The Kingfisher Book of the Ancient World (Martell)

(gr. 5-8) covers civilizations on all of the continents, so the section on Minoans and Mycenaeans is short, BUT, it also includes short sections on a number of other lesser-studied ancient peoples as well

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I used Oxford University Press Greek book. They have a chapter on each.


I'm going to link the videos I used when we covered those. I do remember that I used parts of some of these, because I felt some things might be too much for my really sensitive child. I think human sacrifice was mentioned in one. My kids were 11 when we used these.


The Minoans Ancient Civilization of Crete - YouTube

I may have edited (not shown) bits of this because of sensitive natures. But I think my kids liked it. Bettany Hughes has a Minoans video which is used for the above in whole or part. I used the one above instead, and I can't remember if it has just parts of her video in it or all of it, or why I picked it instead. Her videos are generally pretty interesting and informative.


If you have Amazon Prime I bookmarked Mysteries from Ancient Times Season 1 Episode 3. It has a section (the first 5.5 minutes approximately) on Minoans at the start of the video. I think it mostly focuses on the demise (eruptions and how it was likely experienced by the Minoans). Human sacrifice is mentioned, but not in any detail in the end.


Mycenae, Greece: Ancient and Mysterious - YouTube

This one is short, but interesting.


If you have Prime, we watched most of this, but I don't actually recall it being high interest. It looks like I might have shown parts of it.  It looks like I had more issues finding Mycenae videos compared to Minoans. I did skip a lot of potential videos because of sensitivities.

Amazon.com: Legacy of Ancient Civilizations The Mycenaeans: De Agostini: Amazon Digital Services , Inc.





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