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Forever and a day ago someone posted a link to a periodic table that a kid had made. They used actual items for the element or pictures. I remember for silver there was a little silver piece of jewlery for oxygen there was a little oxygen tank, may have been a toy...Does anyone remember this or anything remotely like it?

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This isn't what you asked for at all, but I saw this awhile ago and though it was so cool. If you're working on the periodic table, it might be fun. :)



After the last thread where that game was posted I printed/laminated a set and we have played it numerous times since. It is really fun and we have learned quite a few of the elements. We get out the books I mentioned upthread and discuss the elements that formed our sunk ships. Someone always makes an "Unun" boat (ununseptium, ununoctium for example) so we now have a family joke about temporary boats.


Yes, we are so cool that we have periodic table jokes. :cool:

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