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Spelling for a 6th grader?


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Hello everyone,


I have a 6th grader that is a wonderful reader and writer. I would even say above her grade level. I have put her in some writing classes online as a result she types all of her papers and does well. Recently we joined a coop where she hand writes sentences during class and takes notes. I've noticed that her spelling needs some work. Can you suggest a curriculum that she could use independently to improve this?

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Some suggestions:


Apples Daily Spelling Drills for Secondary Students - a simple independent workbook but it's very logical


Take words from her own writing, keep a journal and assign 10 words per week from previous weeks to study and learn.  As long as she doesn't have any real learning challenges this should be sufficient and is a better approach to the above suggestion. 


The third option is to get a book of commonly misspelled words and work through that....


At this age starting a curriculum from the ground up is probably not necessary unless her spelling issues are severe.

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Rod and Staff spelling 6 is a nice finish to the subject of spelling. It makes them work directly with the rules and apply them to the exercises, and it's the very last spelling book my kids do. (R&S spelling 7 and 8 are actually root based vocab books.) This book requires very little work from the parent, and can be completed independently by the student.


It's a textbook that she can run entirely herself until she needs her word list called at the end of a lesson. It doesn't really require more writing than a workbook would, beyond labeling the notebook page. Section A works on using and applying spelling rules and analyzing the words used in that lesson. Section B works with the definitions and how to use them. C is dictionary skills, which we found redundant for this age and skipped. Section D is building words, working with suffixes, syllables, and such. Good stuff. Then there's a "Subject Words" section at the end that we also skipped. It's extra vocab that's not attached to the lessons. They did one section a day (A, B, D) on their own, responsible kids graded their own work or I graded for some that weren't ready for that, and then I give the test on the last day. There are sentences in the TM for the tests.


You can see samples at milestonebooks.com. The word lists may seem light, but the meat is in the exercises.

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