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Who's going to tackle Saturday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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I woke up early, feeling good, so . . .


I hope to get a lot of housework done.  I've been doing not quite enough to stay above water!


meal planning for week

clean kitchen

Go get bagels for breakfast

grocery shop

make sure Latin gets finished

take care of dog

at some point shower

vacuum and dust and stuff

go to meeting

dinner might be take out

7:00 a bunch of girls or coming over to work on AHG badge (need snacks for them)


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Good morning.


My sister weekend has been going well until this morning. Both my sisters have fibromyalgia, and one has serious back/leg pain regularly. Both feel terrible this morning.


I went to breakfast and have been reading the next book for my book club group. Hopefully rest and extra medicine will help them both!

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My kids rode horses this morning while I took care of some mundane tasks.


Had some mom-daughter time as my kid and I decided it was time she learned to shave her legs.  She was very happy!


Cleaned the kids up and we met with some business colleagues and their kids.  It was a good meeting.


Ate at a new Indian restaurant.


Called my friend who is now discharged from the hospital after her heart attack.


Kids went out to play.  I told them I would give them some work when they came back inside, so they were extremely quiet about it and then they fell asleep, LOL.  I was buried in my computer doing "work."  They knocked at my door at 8:45 and asked permission to go to bed!  Silly kids.


Well, I had set out some work for them, so I did make them go through some of it orally.  Hey, it's my job to make their lives hard.  :p  I really want to get through some workbooks so we can be done with them forever.


I read 2.5 chapters of Anne of Green Gables and tucked them in.


Back to my computer.  I'm about to get ready for bed.


Tomorrow we will go to church after about 2 months.  This will be the big test - how fat have I gotten - can I squeeze into those church pants; and if not, what am I gonna do instead?  :p

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We had the Memorial Service for bil who died at 59 from brain cancer. It was an emotionally draining day but grieving and healing comes mostly with some pain. We are thankful we still had him last Christmas as this was his favorite holiday.

Another work week is looming ahead and so we soldier on...

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