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RIP Harper Lee

Lady Marmalade

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The new book was a huge disappointment. I really wish I had never read it. It changed my opinion of Harper Lee.


There is a LOT of controversy about whether Lee really wanted the book to be published. It's advertised as if it's a sort of sequel to Mockingbird when really it was the rejected first draft, written 60 years ago. She was asked to rewrite Watchman focusing on Scout's childhood, and that became Mockingbird. Lee was initially adamant that she did not want Watchman published.


It's very suspicious that shortly after Alice Lee, Harper's sister, protector, and a practicing lawyer even into her 90s, passed away, then suddenly another lawyer, Tonja Carter, claimed to have "discovered" the original manuscript and got Lee's permission to publish it. Carter had power of attorney for Lee, managed all her financial and legal affairs, and strictly limited who was allowed to see Lee, excluding many of her oldest friends. Many people who have known Lee for years said she was barely competent when she allegedly signed the contracts for Watchman, and would sign anything Tonja Carter put in front of her without question.


Now that Lee has passed away, it will be interesting to see who will be managing her literary estate, including the trust that holds her copyrights and trademarks, and how much they will profit from that. 

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That's what I heard too.  I told him that, but he said he still wanted it.  He has yet to read it.


I actually liked it. In particular, I liked that it showed a different side of Atticus that didn't detract from his goodness in TKaM but also showed that he wasn't just the saint he's portrayed as in that book.  

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