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Runkle Geography

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Does anyone know the difference between the original World Physical Geography text with the blue cover and the one currently being sold with the yellow cover? I am trying to determine if the content was updated or if just the cover was updated. I tried asking Geo Matters, and they referred me to Runkle Publishing, who hasn't responded to me email query. Rainbow Resource didn't know either. So The Hive is my last resort. Can any of you help me?

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OK, I've got both of them in front of me. :)


The Tables of Contents for both books are nearly identical, with some re-arrangement of the "water" topics (In the yellow edition, the "water" topics are broken down into several chapters with few sub-sections. In the blue edition, there is one large "water" chapter, broken down into many sub-section topics). But, the topics of discussion, with a brief glance, all seem to be the same.


The maps appear to be the same in both books (both of my editions are copyrighted @2000...), and the text and illustrations appear the same as well (same vocabulary words, same activities).


I used both sets with my 3 kids last year. I'm sure there are some discrepancies/updates somewhere between the editions, but I couldn't tell you what they are! lol


The yellow edition comes with a teacher's guide.

The blue edition has a teacher's guide and a student workbook, which I really liked. We used a few additional geography workbooks (and a more-updated atlas for maps since that changes so frequently), but this workbook has some memory guides and such that I found very helpful.


Hope this is somewhat helpful! :)

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