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Spalding Question re: 4th Edition of WRTR

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On page  125 in the WRTR (4th edition), it states that a first grader should be able to get to Section O by April. Is the child copying the words or is the teacher dictating the words to the child? "By October 1 first -graders should begin writing the words in Sections A-H. Teach them at least thirty words a week so that by November 1 they reach Section I, when they will begin to read aloud from their first book." It then continues to say that the first grader should be able to reach Section O by April.


I'm curious, but to me the words in Section O seem like they are at a third or fourth grade level. I know the following year you go back a few Sections to review, but then you truck through the Sections again, likely reaching the end of all the words. Is it expected that one is done teaching their child to spell using the Extended Ayres List by the end of second or third grade, given the parent started in Kindergarten or earlier (especially teaching the phonograms and handwriting)? I would like to know this because I would like to switch to R&S Spelling in 4th grade (or fifth), depending on when the children are done.


Lastly, where can I get the Morrison McCall Spelling Scale?



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