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We are using Spring Primer 1 here. I have Spring Primer 2 as well. I ordered both to see which level this son needed. [it's spring-like at my house :-) ] I will be getting both levels of Winter and Autumn as well.


So if you have any questions let me know.


They are overtly Christian.

They are scheduled for four days a week, but painless to space it out in some other way.

For #1 you need to be able to read a small passage from a Burgess book, which is public domain, so completely easy. I looked through and I didn't notice needing anything else for either of these books.

I have also attempted to use the language lesson books from Queens....and hated them. These are much MUCH better imo. They are more focused, and you can plainly see when you look through two levels (and knowing about the Classical Writing program) that these are going somewhere with the lesson, ykwim? There isn't extraneous or random bits thrown in to make it look like something you'd want to buy. It's actually teaching about writing with an eye to the progymnasmata.


Anyway, I love them fwiw. Using it for a (little bit older at 8) kid who is well ahead in math and science but needs to just "get down to business" irt writing. He excelled with Climbing To Good English also and did not do well with the likes of ELTL or similar , for reference.


And I will be using it for another child that loves to write, at a younger age (7) than his big brother.


Oh! If you are inclined toward nature, these books reinforce that as well, in a very easy way. I mean, it is not kind of jammed in there because the author knows classical and CM typre homeschoolers like that sort of thing. It's seamless and fits. The pages are aesthetically pleasing (not busy) and the paper is nice for writing on.



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I spent all last night looking at this again. I'm trying to wrap my brain around which ages for which book. I know there is a suggested age given for each book, but it leaves gap years if you were to follow them in order.

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We use Cottage Press.  I love it!  I'd recommend starting at whatever book looks like it will meet your child's needs and go from there.  I also wouldn't worry about gaps...schedule it out to leave time for your child to free write, apply what they are learning in Cottage Press to other material they are reading, etc.  You need not do all of language arts every day of every school year and Cottage Press is written to give you flexibility.  If it pulls at you and you think it would work well for your children, I highly recommend giving it a try.

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