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Bridgeway Remedial English

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I'll admit I'm clueless about high school credits.  I read somewhere that someone's child used Bridgeway Remedial English and earned a credit for it.  Is this possible?  I was told it was always a good idea to use what is written for high school level children if they want to get into college.  I ask because my child may need to use this in her freshman year, but I didn't think she could earn a credit for it.  Can someone please advise?  I'm just beginning to learn about graduation requirements.  Thank you in advance. 

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I keep hoping someone else will be first to reply while I'm typing.   I'm trying to answer in general ideas because I haven't used that specific program.   and I am not an authority on this stuff.  Just sharing what I've experienced and learned from our cover school and other sources.


If the high school student is working at capacity and at ability, but using materials below chronological age/grade level, it is still going to be a course that you give the credit. There are different levels of "English 9" in group schools.  Same thing happens in home schools.

I would want to have some literature in the course. I don't know the specific program you asked about if they include it.   From a quick online glance, there seems to be a grammar book and composition book.   


In college, if a student is taking a remedial English class, it is most likely that class is not part of the degree program.  But that's not the same thing as high school.That might be what you're thinking about can't give it credit.  But in high school, if a student needs to work on basic skills, it's still a course in their high school.  Some people in brick and mortar schools will have paid tutors for their child in outside hours, and that would not show up.   So you could do a regular class and use remedial stuff on the side to strengthen skills.


In terms of college bound student, yes, you want to be in high school materials and push a little here and there.  not sure that is incompatible with 9th grader is a little behind in grammar/composition skills . You still have a few years to go.   You'll work on test prep.


If you think your child may need more direct instruction in grammar and basics of composition while in 9th grade, you use materials at her level written in mind for covering the topics. If Bridgeway's english class is high school level to cover the topic, it is still high school level if the student is in 9th grade and using it. I know that's a hard concept to understand as I'm still dealing with that for my youngest.   She'll be in pre algebra in 9th grade.  She'll have that as credit.  We're using a book written in mind for 9th grader who are in pre algebra.   She is not college bound due to special needs and not on the highest side of autism spectrum.  


Are you looking at getting ideas of other products that could do basics of grammar at grade level 9 as part of an overall build your own course?  I'm assuming that you have done something for grammar up to this point.  Easy Grammar Ultimate grade 9 might fit the bit nicely.   It will take a few minutes each day. 


hoping others will chime in.  but that's been my understanding in all of this.  My youngest is probably way more remedial than yours.  She will get credit for stuff but isn't college bound.  Middle gal needed to use easy grammar ultimate on the side while in regular 9th grade stuff.  and needed lots of help with composition. 

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Thank you so much for the lengthy reply cbolling!  I will either use this, or the Cozy Grammar DVD's over the summer so I can make sure she has a high school level English starting in the fall for 9th.  It's actually the writing I think she will need more help with.  I'm considering Brave Writer online, but hoping to find something a bit cheaper.  Thank you for your suggestions.  :) 

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