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Household of 5 "teens".... Lots of chaos and lots of fun


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Right now our household is up to 5 "teens". I out that in quotation marks as the older 2 are 28 and 20 buy due to special needs very much like teens and the youngest is almost a teen. Birthdays wise they are 12, 15, 19, 20 and 28. Developmentally they are likely all between 12-15.


Today I drive 200 miles...including 4 round trips into town which is 12 miles each way and an almost 100 mile round trip to the eye doctor. Ended up with a band concert that I found out about yesterday.


We added a 15 year old boy to our home Friday night so we are all settling in here and figuring life out. He is on probation and has a wrap around team so that means a whole nother level of care.


Still tonight the kids were all 5 around the table laughing and joking around d while eating their snacks. Nice to see....even though I am very tired.

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I have to say that I miss those days.  DD17 dated a guy for 1.5 years that always had a group of people with him.  They would all hang out here quite often.  I miss the noise and laughter.  I miss the conversations.  I miss the fun.


The guy was a Hot Mess emotionally, but I do miss the part of him that was full of laughter and fun. 

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