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Who's going to tackle Monday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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Good morning
- get dd1 and I up and ready- done
- dd1 on bus- done
- school- done and I passed my pharmacology exam with an 88/100 :)
- pick girls up (dd1 at dh's work and dd2 from back up sitter's)- done and have dh's coworker's daughter
- dinner- done (well for the girls anyway)
- school work
- baths
- bedtime routine

- Plan Chicago trip- We are now going to Chicago Feb 25-27th instead of Pennsylvania (which kinda sucks because I really wanted to go to Philadelphia but we might go this summer) and then on the 27th, on the way back home we are going to Disney on Ice Dare to Dream (already have the Disney on Ice tickets).

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I hope you have a fun day, Jean! 



Review for NME with Dd

Grocery shopping 



work on Botany lesson plans

call my mom



dinner - ? meal planning has not gotten much of my time lately and it shows.  :sad:



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Kids are off school today.  We have a library program at 2pm and I've given them some housework to do in the mean time.  I plan to give them some more academic work later, and they need to practice their music.


I slept in until about 11am.  So I guess it's a light day for me too.  :P  Many of my clients have the day off, so it should be relatively quiet.  But it's a deadline day for me, so I can't be completely lazy.


I told my kids they should fix themselves some brunch.  A while later my kid told me she needed to use the stove.  She was halfway through a pancake recipe (measured incorrectly) before she mentioned this to me.  :P  That project was aborted since we have decided not to cook with nonstick any more (it might be bad for the birds) and we don't have the new pans yet.  Oh well, hopefully some lesson or other was learned.


The girls are feeling very oppressed by the instruction to clean up their bedrooms and bathroom.  Mind you, these rooms were spotless just last Thursday, but ... life is tough around here.

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The kids were fantastic at the dentist! No cavities either! I came home to discover that dh had started the laundry for me! We were going to go to my brother's house for a bit after the appointment but it is snowing the roads are getting bad so we'll just see them later this week. Time to relax because I think we all may be getting sick!

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I had a pretty productive day, despite starting late.


The kids' day off school meant they did reading, math, music (practicing their instruments), history and art (library program about knights put on by the art museum), computers (at the library after the program), and phys ed (swimming and gymnastics).  I am the meanest mom on the planet.  If they'd gotten up earlier, I would have made them do more.  :P


I sent out a bunch of work reports.  I also found a problem, which is stressing me out, but I am trying to turn that part of my brain off, since there's nothing I can do about it right now.

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