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Novare Physical Science (Middle School) - Reviews? Users?

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I received a copy of the book last week. I'm only about two chapters in, but it looks fantastic. The labs look good, but are definitely geared to the classroom. They do involve the purchase of a fair amount of lab equipment. You would need beakers, graduated cylinders, digital thermometers, a Bunsen burn (or gas stove), a hot plate, and a mass balance (although it says a postage scale will do). Each of the experiments also has additional required items. The estimated cost for each lab ranges from $2-$70 although most cost somewhere in the $15-$35 range. Some of the labs require wooden jigs that have to be made. The labs have instructions on how to make them, but you can also purchase them from Novare for $85.


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My son is taking the MP Physical Science online class using this text.  The text is challenging and thorough.  They predominantly watch the video labs, but we have done a few experiments at home - using easily acquirable supplies.  


Last year, he took General Science with Apologia.  My only complaint with Novare is that there are not as many resources/helpers for him - compared to the options available with Apologia.  This really only applies to the type of learner/worker he is.


For example, each chapter has a list of vocabulary words and review questions.  He struggles with all the writing.  He has to write out the questions and answers, and frankly - he doesn't do this.  So when it comes time to be tested he is not prepared.  My comments on in regards to my son, not the materials covered.  I have been very pleased with the text and Memoria Press.


That said, he is learning a lot.  He loves the text (and our teacher), but I find I have to prod him much more due to the lack of support / review available.


Next year, I would prefer to go back to Apologia or a text with a workbook.  Hope this helps.

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