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Is this a sprained ankle?


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Is it possible to sprain your ankle after a fall, walk on it with little to no pain for several hours, and then have it begin hurting?  At noon, I looked out the window and saw chicken feathers strewn across the yard.  Knowing a chicken was at risk or dead, I rushed outside in slippers, slipping down the deck stairs.  I got right up and began inspecting the yard.  Finding no sign of the chicken, I searched the woods, feed the chickens, cleaned the coop, and took the compost out with no problems.  One toe on the other foot did hurt and is bruised, but I still walked easily on it.  In an attempt to cheer my son up (it was his chicken), I took the kids out shopping to 2 stores.  After the drive home (25min), my ankle had stiffened up.  By dinner time it hurt pretty bad, but I could walk on it.  Now I can't put weight on it all.  I don't understand, it's barely swollen with no bruising.


Can a sprained ankle do that?

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It could be. I've twisted, sprained, strained, hyperextended, and jammed more than my fair share of joints throughout my clumsy childhood and athletic school years. No two were exactly alike.


I once hurt my knee. I thought it was just a twinge and walked/jumped/danced on it all night. The next morning my leg was stiff straight and would.not.bend. I ended up in a brace for a couple months, but it was usable and did not really hurt a whole lot until about 12 hours after the original twist.

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