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Paging Dr. Hive: another IBS question


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This board was SO helpful when I was diagnosed with "post-infectious IBS." I got a lot of solid info here on what I could eat that I could really act on. (Much better than from the physician.) All cultures and blood tests came back clear. So the actual infection was likely over and done with in a few days, but my gut stayed irritated. 


So: the good news is that as soon as I went on Hive-recommended foods, the stools improved immediately.  However, gas and bloating may or may not have improved much. It's harder to quantify. But it's evidence that I am not totally healed up. 


I am taking it slowly to give my gut time to recover and now am introducing a food every day or so. So far, so good. After a shortage in our area of coconut yogurt, I tried regular yogurt yesterday, for instance. That was my first dairy in weeks. I've been existing on bone broth, chicken, salmon, white rice, and a handful of cooked fruits and veges. And dark chocolate. Thankfully that does not bother me because everything else is so bland.   Recently also introduced uncooked raspberries and blueberries successfully. I don't know if I will ever want to eat chicken and rice again when this is over!


Tomorrow is Valentine's Day. I want a treat.  I traditionally make a chocolate cake with buttercream peppermint icing in the shape of a heart. Other than birthdays, it's the only cake I make all year and I really like it. I know I can eat dark chocolate, but obviously have not eaten anything like a piece of cake in weeks. I'm going to make it for the kids whether I can eat it or not, but I will be bummed not to be able to have any. 


How much is it likely to set me back if I eat it? What I mean by that is whether if there is a price to pay whether it is likely to be a temporary price  or whether it will put me back in terms of healing of the gut lining for a longer period. I think I'd risk one episode but would not want to risk starting over?

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It's so hard to say.  On one hand, the sugar and the flour can be difficult.  But I don't know that I would personally have the willpower to not eat it.  I think you might very well have a reaction but I don't know if it would set you back months.  I think it would be more immediate for a couple of days and then you could move on with healing.  But that is just my opinion based on my own body's workings. 

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Don't. Make one when you're better to celebrate. :grouphug:



Yeah, well. I did start to think that maybe I could freeze my share. But I am pretty sure that i would have to leave the table!  My whole stash of willpower is related to not having visual contact with the target food! 

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