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Abeka World History...have you used it?

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I was looking at this program...and from what I can see, it doesn't look like a full years worth of stuff. I mean, there are 27 chapters and each chapter consists of reading some pages in the text and answering some questions at the end.  There are quizzes and tests...but that is really all there is to the program...oh there are some maps too. 


So if you have used this, what am I missing??  Sure, I guess I can add some videos and books to read...but it just seems sort of blah!  Or is it just me? 


What other program might I consider?  What are you doing for 10th grade world history?

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If you are looking for another world history from that kind of viewpoint, BJU's World History is more challenging.  The Student Activities require a little more thinking than the (very predictable) questions in the A Beka text. 


And yes, A Beka's  history in high school *is* blah.  Very superficial coverage. 

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