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What to use after WttW for a class of 10th - 12th graders.

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I'm currently teaching a class of ten 9th-11th graders with the Windows to the World\Jill Pyke Syllabus combo.  It has been a great year so far.  The students are responding well to the program, the parents are pleased with the improvement in skill, and I'm pleased with how easy it is to teach from.  I've been asked to teach this group again next year.  I would love to find something similar to what I've used this year.  The syllabus homework pages for the kids has been wonderful in keeping them on track each week and the grading rubrics help them see what type of grade they will receive based on their work.


Most of these students are not strong readers  - they have varying degrees of dyslexia.  In addition, I feel most of these students need far more instruction and practice with writing all types of essays. They are improving, but for many, my class is the only time they write papers.  Some of them will be in 12th and have had no instruction on writing a research paper either. The parents have requested that our focus be American Literature. 


So, I'm looking for suggestions on complete programs or individual programs that would work well together.  I've not really done any research as of yet so all suggestions are welcome so I have a pool of ideas to look into. 

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Our co-op is switching from a literary analysis emphasis to a composition one next year. We are going to use Beyond the Book Report Season 3 with a group of 7th-12th grade students.




It includes essay writing and writing from a prompt for testing, oral presentations with power point, and research papers. Most of the assignments are based upon literature. We have a team of 3 teachers who will be teaching the different sections. They will then divide our students up by skill levels and work more one-on-one.


One draw back for you may be there is no student book, only handouts and rubrics.


AG used to sell at least some of this material as Teaching the Essay and Teaching the Research Paper.

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