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Teen boy emotions :( Help!


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If your son feels comfortable talking to your husband about those topics, that is really great. I'd go so far as to say that they are probably in the majority of Americans.


The difference is that I'm saying that dad might be the best person for the job, or maybe, due to personality and family dynamics, mom is.


You are saying that since dad is best suited for these discussions at your house, OP's husband needs to "man up"


I'm open to the idea that different options might be best for different families.


I'm certain that the OP knows I want only the best for her and that is why I brought up a perspective that might never occur to either your husband or your son.


No hard feelings. I will agree to disagree.

My son has no problem asking me puberty questions. I think he's more comfortable asking me. I give detailed answers that encompasses emotions and such. That's what he wants.



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Honestly, I don't know if I would let him continue there if the bullying continues since IMHO bullying can be quite devastating and have a negative impact on one's confidence for quite a long, long time. I see no value in bullying at all. Of course, we all want to have enough confidence that bullying does not bother us but I don't think we have to be subjected to it to learn this. Also, as adults, we are not likely to face same sort of bullying as middle schoolers and high schoolers. Sure we will have to deal with difficult bosses or co-workers but we also have more options generally as adults.


Now my ds did experience some moderate bullying each year at his current school and we were able to get it nipped in the bud fairly quickly each year by talking with administration and his teachers. However, if it continued or worsened I would have definitely pulled him. The tricky part is that this may not work at at all schools due to ineffective administration and the fact that bullies can be rather sneaky in the bullying.

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