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Help me find this book...


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Ok, about a year or two ago there was a book I really wanted to read. Now I can't think of the name for the life of me! I came across it when I was reading TWTM and For the Children't Sake. I think it was written maybe 50 years ago or more. It is Christian, I think. For adults, not a kid's read aloud. Set somewhere in the Midwest, maybe? A true story/autobiography, maybe? Written by (?) a mother/housewife, and the family runs a guest house/inn for travelers? Lots of details about life in those days? I think there was also a sequel. I think the title may have been the name of the guest house? It was recommended in a book I was reading at the time, probably a book about homeschooling.  Any ideas, ladies? 

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Sounds like  Blackberry Inn. It is the sequel to Pocketful of Pinecones.  It's not a true story, but it is written by a homeschooling mom to show some things about nature study and homeschooling. It's not written that long ago, but set a while ago. They are both by Karen Andreola.



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