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Need help finding an online self-paced math program!


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I've been researching my brains out, and finally decided to just start a thread (because I'm too lazy to keep searching)!


My ds, 12 is currently doing TT6, and has done MUS through Delta.  He's behind, due to my constant switching, as well as lots of upheaval due to his sister's medical issues.  Anyway, I always knew he was mathy, but when he told me he does all of the TT problems in his head-ALL of them-I decided maybe I needed to find something more challenging & rigorous for him.  If we can find some online self paced program, that he can accelerate when he needs to, etc... he will hopefully get to where he needs to be, quicker. 


Thanks for the input!

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We are thrilled with Derek Owens.  He has hundreds of videos, all in order, pages with pre-written notes that the students finish filling in while they watch the videos.  There are homework assignments and tests which are graded, and it's based off of the Mary Dolciani Accelerated Pre-Algebra series,  so he's basing it off one of the best series. All for 58.00 per month.


We could not be happier.  :o)

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