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SAT subject exams - French vs French with Listening

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Is there any advantage to taking a foreign language SAT subject exam "with listening"?


We're specifically looking at French. The only French with Listening SAT is in November. It would be great to get it over with in May, but, if there is some advantage to taking the one  w/ listening, we'll wait until November.



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This is simply an fyi post. ;)



Dd did the French SAT without listening because the timing was right. It went well so we took her for a Clep which is always listening. The scores were similar, Sat out of 800 and Clep is out of 80 so easy to compare. The Clep gave her 12 credit hours.


She did the same with German. Once again almost identical scores. Credit hours :)

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Hi Yvonne -


My daughter did the SAT French.  We did it in June, and that was the only French exam available.  SAT French w/Listening is only available in the fall, and we didn't want to wait.  We also knew she would be doing AP French, which would surpass both in difficulty.  


If your children have decided against AP French, then maybe French w/Listening would be a good idea, as it would demonstrate some aspect of being able to communicate in a form other than writing.  If they are doing AP French, I would stick with the regular SAT French and totally skip French w/Listening as that, and more, will be covered on the AP exam. 



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