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PSA: Overseas Americans: Please register to vote absentee


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If you are an Overseas American, U.S. law permits you to vote in the last state you lived in. This applies to both deployed military personnel and their families and to other Overseas Americans. You need to send an FPCA form to your local voting officials, each year. Here's the link where you can begin:  https://www.fvap.gov/


NOTE: Overseas Americans who have never lived in the USA are permitted, by some states, to vote in the state where their U.S. Citizen parent(s) voted. Not all states permit that, but many do. 

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Husband was already registered to vote, but Calvin was able to do it to, based on where Husband last lived (California).



Awesome for Calvin. :hurray:     I vote absentee in TX and TX is not one of the states that permits that, but I told my DD that may change and she should check that out, from time to time after she is 18 years old.  

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