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Zaner Bloser paper placement question

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We are starting cursive with my dd who is 7yo.. She is right handed and according to zaner bloser guide sheet they recommend slanting the sheet of paper to write in cursive. I was never taught like that as a child so it's new to me. Did you guys use slanted paper for writing? slanted paper along with slanted letters sounds too much for me. Any tips for me?

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I was taught to slant the paper when I wrote in cursive and I've been trying to get my kids to do it but they don't usually cooperate or remember.  I'm not pressing the point, but I do personally find it easier to write in either manuscript or cursive when the paper is slanted, so I still think it's worth encouraging them to do so.


Just tilt the paper so the right hand edge is up and the left hand edge is down.  Voila.  Slanted.

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