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How much writing in Bruce Etter's Great Conversation class?

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I'm trying to figure out if GC is enough to fulfill the English requirement, or I need to add another composition course on top of this...


It's for the new 1+4 course, but I'm guessing the writing requirements will be similar to the other Omnibus courses he's taught...


FWIW--my daughter had several years of IEW and Lost Tools of Writing with Classical Conversations.  This year, she did IEW's Windows to the World. 


Suggestions to add writing if needed are greatly appreciated. 

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My boys did Omni I with B. Etter three years ago. He is a great instructor! I doubt that there will be enough writing to claim a full English comp/writing credit, esp. with a combination of 1 & 4. But, you could email him and ask him specifically how many essays, and of what length, there will be. The WHA instructors are very responsive and helpful.


If I have my daughter take a GC course, I will have her write at least 1 essay/semester directly related to one/more of the texts read during the course. That might mean asking the instructor for a topic other than what's given in class, but I think the WHA instructors would be open to that.  I'll run her essays through WriteGuide or one of the other services/tutors that provide feedback on a per paper basis. I would absolutely want her to come out of the course with a truly good, solid essay/paper to show for all the work she put into the course.

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If you find out the answer, post it here. My dd is signed up for his GC3 class, but I have no idea how much writing will be involved. In GC2, she will end up with 2 750+ word essays and another 10 or so 250 word papers, mostly on themes and symbolism in literature.


I have no idea how much writing is expected in a composition class.

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There was no response on here, so I thought I'd update. I emailed Mr. Etter about the 1+4 class and he sent me the syllabus. Here's what it said:


Key Assignments
Each semester the final grade for the course will be determined through the following 
types of assignments: 
ï‚· Class Participation/Discussion Boards: Students are expected to engage in 
daily discussions using both the microphone and chat during class, and the 
online discussion board between classes:  25%. 
ï‚· Quizzes: Review is vital. Students will be given a short quiz at the beginning of 
class on material already covered:  25%. 
ï‚· Papers: Students will write brief responses on a regular basis, less frequent five-
paragraph essays, and three larger papers (4-6 pages) per year:  30%
ï‚· Semester Exams: At the end of each semester, students will take an exam on 
material covered during that semester:  20%.
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