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Health Education

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I have been thinking about my 9th graders health class for next year. 

I have the standards printed out and just perusing and looking at all the textbooks. 

I was thinking about how boring my health class was. 


Then I got to thinking what if I had my girls develop a health curriculum for their brothers who both have autism. They are still young like 6yrs and 3yrs but they can develop one for when they are teens or when they are a bit older. 


I think the teen level would be good as that would increase the level of reading and research they would need to do. 

They could write a little book for their brothers on one of the health topics. 

Or perhaps develop a board game? 

Read some good trade books on the different topics?

Or health through movies like 16 Candles, Breakfast Club, Ferris Buellers Day off etc. Like if those were your teens what would you teach them?


Can you think of other activities/ideas?



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