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Is this a February thing? Or do I have some type of mental disease?

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Because all of a sudden I am completely second guessing my plans for next year and researching curriculum and impulsively buying resources I'd never considered before ... even though I'm really completely happy with what we're doing and what I had already thoughtfully and carefully planned for next year. I don't know, I'm just feeling restless or something. For instance, we have happily been using a significantly tweaked MOH as a spine. Next year we'll begin using Vol IV over 2 years and covering world and US history together. But when I was cutting out timeline figures that we'll be using I saw all these people and events that we *won't* be covering and I all of a sudden thought, "Oh no ... my kids don't know about ______________ ... I will ruin them for life if I don't decide on and buy another history curriculum RIGHT NOW!" :lol:


Please tell me this will go away soon because my brain (not to mention my budget) can't take it anymore!!!!! Lol

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It's just a February thing.


You might try shopping at your local Public Library, Project Gutenberg, your closet/attic/basement etc.


Taking Thanksgiving through January birthdays off instead of summer seems to have worked for us this year, but it probably just postponed the inevitable and there won't be any online peer support for the February Blues in May. :P

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February for me is efiling of tax month. Understanding all the tax documents especially the restricted stock options tax form is enough to kill brain cells and raise blood pressure last year. The same firm hasn't sent this year's tax form but it would be probably just as convoluted.


Summer is when the estimated property tax bill comes so no chance to overspend.


History goes in one ear and come out the other here for my kids :lol:

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