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What Follows OPGTR?


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My oldest has learned to read!  Yay!!!!!  We are nearing the end of OPGTR and I'm wondering what we should do next.  Is it enough to practice fluency by just READING real books after we finish working through that book?  Is there higher level phonics instruction?  I see multiple levels of programs like AAR and stuff and just wonder what is being learned for so many years.  My son is working through easy chapter books and is so interested he's just teaching himself faster than anything I'm giving him.  What have other people done after finishing the OPGTR? I'm not trying to complicate things, basically just wondering if I'm doing him a disservice if I don't pick up another phonics program? I am planning to start FLL and am looking at writing options, just asking specifically about phonics.  Thanks!

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Question: What follows OPGTR?

Answer: A library card.


Have fun and happy reading




Independent reading and read alouds.


ETA: We began a spelling program as part of our LA work. LA also includes, for us, reading poetry & narration, etc.

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