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If you were watiting to buy Timez Attack, do it now


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I just went to the Timez Attack site, for a random reason, and they have been bought. It says on their front pages that tomorrow 2/05 is the last day to purchase a home license. The company they bought for is 'focusing on the school market' so..whatever.


I'm not sure how it works to buy it for the home right now. I bought it years ago, when it was new, and we have the actual program on our computer. It almost most looks like now you purchase access for a year?  I'm not sure.


But, anyway, it sure was a fantastic way to help my boys gain fluency in multiplication.


FWIW, if anyone is considering it, my one criticism is that your child is not a fast typist, or can't deal with a timer on games, this is not the game for them.  My younger boy gets freaked out by the time limit and couldn't play the game until he was a little bit older. When he was younger it caused nothing but tears of frustration.   And there is no way to lengthen the time required to answer, like there is in xtra math.



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Yeah, 100$ is ridiculous, and I say that as a woman whose kids ONLY got fluent in multiplication b/c of that game. It still isn't worth 100$.


I think we paid 30$ total to get the whole 'deluxe' game years ago. And we own it, it's not something we license for a year.


I have no idea if the company will decide to sell cheaper etc, but it is clear they don't care about the homeschool or family market. Too bad b/c I have few non-homeschool friends who bought it for their kids

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