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Talking about savings--favorite online bank accounts?


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I do the same thing, but with a credit union in town.  My main account that I use daily as my debit account, is at a completely different Credit Union.  The second account is just for savings.  I have 3 different savings set up there, all linked to the one account. They are called: Medical savings (to pay my yearly deductible), school tuition savings, and long term savings.  The medical and school savings are used once a year, but the long term savings doesn't get touched except for emergencies. 


I like it being in town because I can stop in and get a cashiers check for tuition/medical bills with only about 5 minutes of effort. I then deposit it in my debit account, or have it written directly to the institution ie school.  My CU gives out one free check a day, so I don't have a check book or debit card for the account. Being in town makes it convenient enough if I need something it is only 10 minutes from the house, but I do have to make a special trip there to access the account. 


To make a deposit into the account, I send a check through bill pay, or just write a personal check to myself from my main account and go deposit it.  I have a 'rule' that once I get and excess $1000 in my regular every day debit account, I move it to the other savings only account.  This way I only have to move money out of my main account every couple of months, but when I do the other accounts grow quickly.



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I have my ING (now Capital One) account set up to do automatic monthly transfers from the checking account that receives my paycheck.  It is a one-time setup that takes a few seconds online, so it's essentially the same as direct deposit.  :)


ING takes at least a couple of days to make a non-repetitive transfer.

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